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Welcome, Dear Guests!
Parnassius davydovi was discovered in 2005 by Vladimir Pletnev, Sergei Saluk and me in 2005 in Tian-Shan. The new species belongs to the so-called “gliding” Parnassius (one of the most studied and popular groups of butterflies), being the nearest relative of P. autocrator and P. loxias, large and beautiful…Now the species status of this taxon is confirmed by mtDNA studies.
This page is devoted to this species – and, as I hope – to all Centralasian Parnassius occurring in the territory
of the former USSR.
The original description of P.davydovi is here. Later, I hope to add other descriptions of new Parnassius
found in the expeditions where I participated as a member or the organizer.

  • P. staudingeri daniil Gluschenko, Martynenko et Churkin, 2001;
  • P. nomion chingizkhan Churkin, 2003 (description is here);
  • P. nomion saldaitisi Churkin, 2004 (description is here);
  • P. phoebus bulawskii Gluschenko et Martynenko, 2000;
  • P. phoebus severus Churkin et Zamolodchikov, 2004;
  • P. phoebus tsenguun Churkin, 2003 (description is here), etc.

I also hope that more new descriptions may be added in future – if we are lucky to find something else new.
Some additional photos of the new species and those from our expedition are available here.
If you need to buy P. davydovi – please, write me (the whole price-list includes many other Parnassius
from the East Palaearctic, except China).



Three new papers are added. These papers were published in “Atalanta”, December 2009.
Six new taxa were described (some paratypes are available for sale):

  • Parnassius simonius saluki Churkin, 2009 & Parnassius simonius mentor Churkin, 2009 (description is here);
  • Parnassius staudingeri vladimir Churkin, 2009 (desciption is here)
  • Parnassius charltonius eugenia Churkin, 2009, Parnassius charltonius sochivkoi Churkin, 2009 &
    Parnassius charltonius varvara Churkin, 2009 (description is here);

Four new papers are added:

  • The description of Parnassius staudingeri aladdin Churkin, Pletnev & Tremasov, 2012 (download);
  • The descriptions of Parnassius charltonius marusya Churkin & Pletnev, 2012 and P.charltonius alraschid Churkin & Pletnev, 2012 (download);
  • The taxonomic notes about Parnassius charltonius vaporosus Avinov, 1913 (download);
  • The final charltonius-paper where the species status of Parnassius romanovi Grum-Grshimailo, 1885 is confirmed (download).


  • Additional table and plate for Churkin&Michel, 2014 are added: the photos of the specimens used for mtDNA studies (download).